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All Park4Pearson Economy , Self Park, and other nearby lots are to park at 295 Belfield until further notice!  

Premium Airport Parking without Premium Pricing

Economy/Value Park Price
with Self Park Service!
Skyway Park is known as the BEST parking provider for Pearson International Airport near Toronto. This is accomplished by offering very competitive pricing and providing a better more complete parking service best suited for Pearson International Airport.

Our basic Self Park service includes our free On Demand shuttle service with luggage assistance where you will be bussed from where you parked your car to the airport, and from the airport to your car the moment you need it.

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Current Special Offers

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Price Quote

Enter your Check In and Check Out date and time, and we will show you what our Web Reservation rate for each service down below.

Self Park On Sale!

Self Park

Our basic parking service, including complimentary shuttle to and from the airport

8-10 minute Shuttle Time
295 Belfield Rd.

Self Park

Valet Park

Premium parking, complimentary shuttle, front of lot access, car reporting, weather prep, and key storage!

3-5 minute Shuttle Time
295 Belfield Rd.

Self Park

Parking at the Airport

This is what Pearson Airport's regular parking will cost you! (requires walking with your luggage to the terminal.)

10-15 minute Walk Time
Silver Dart Dr.
No Service Number

See the Difference

Save even more money! Prepaid Economy Parking Option Available at  

Where to Find Us

Self Park & Valet Our main location 295 Belfield gives you the fastest access to the airport situated right beside the onramp for the highway that feeds directly into the airport terminal. Please make note of this new location before you arrive, as we are at the corner of Belfield and Attwell.

Skyway Park
295 Belfield Rd.
Etobicoke, ON M9W 7H9
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Contact Us

There are many ways you can reach us at Skyway Park. For general inquiry or more detailed requests contact us by email. For more immediate or smaller requests call us at the front desk at the phone numbers below


Skyway Park operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  1. 416-674-1754
  2. 1-800-474-3820 (Toll Free #)
  3. 416-294-0348 (Self Park #)